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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by AstralRaven, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. So I was banned for advertising , even though it was a complete mistake, I didn't realize posting youtube links to funny and non-inappropriate videos was against the rules. I am banned for two days, and I would like to be unbanned please. I was also told if that if I was a Steve rank, I would have been perm banned even though it was still an accident. I feel like this is unfair, as I only mean't well; wanted to amuse people, and didn't realize that this was against the rules. Maybe people should be warned before getting banned; I was never given a warning until right before I got banned, especially since this is quite a minor offense I assume.

    My username is AstralRaven and my Rank is Member btw
  2. Amrou Kithkin

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    You should always read the rules of the server when you join. We state quite clearly that advertising is not allowed. The rules can be found in the General Discussion section of these forums.
  3. So, May I please be Unbanned? I'm sorry for what I did and I won't do it again. I had also read the rules when I had joined, but didn't realize what I did was a form of advertising. I had looked at the rules in-game btw.
  4. Dear Raven,

    on behalf of the Staff team, I'm sorry there has been a misunderstanding. Upon reviewing the ban, it seemed too excessive of a punishment.

    I've unbanned you, and issued a warn not to post links, even if in books, seeing as the video had (albeit mild) mature language.

    I hope you understand the confusion,
    yours truly,
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  5. Thnx so much Knoot! I promise not to repeat my mistake. You could also say, you pulled from my Knootmare.

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