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  1. AzCh07

    AzCh07 Villager

    In-game Name:
    AzCh07 Nick is currently: Axosh


    Current Rank:
    Master at 555 Votes, Donor Rank: Mythical, Custom Rank: BrokeBoi

    GMT (United Kingdom)

    What time(s) of day do you normally play:
    I usually play between 5pm - 2am but no set time schedule to play

    Past Mod Experience:
    Unfortunately, I do not have any past moderator experience but I am good at management due to real life experiences from jobs and educational institution positions such as Student Ambassador, Prefect and Student Council.

    What do you like or dislike about the server?:
    What I love about this server is that it is very community based! Players of safe survival help each other out, interact with each other and generally have genuine fun on the server!
    I'm always for the good of the community, which is why I'm also a manager at the Mushroom Warp Event Complex where I try to make others experience of the server better by hosting unofficial spleef matches for others to practice for the official games, have a chance to win prizes and have more fun!
    Furthermore, I also have a spawner multiplex that I opted to open for public use as it generally helps everyone out. Players are allowed to farm XP as well as collect the loot they grinded. I have been informed that roughly 1/3'd of the server uses my multiplex which goes to show how useful it is for the community!

    One thing that I'm not particularly a fan of on Safe Survival server is when new players join and complain about the rules such as g rated chat, no teleportation, etc...
    But, when I can, I try to help new players out by showing them around spawn, giving them some materials to start up and giving them information as to what can be found where such as MM, SOP, etc..

    Other Comments:
    I moderate chat anyways such as if someone is not following rules about the g rated chat, advertising multiple times within 10 mins, posting links in chat, arising sensitive/debatable subjects, etc...
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