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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by XxAussieLagxX, May 22, 2020.

  1. IGN: AussieDaLag
    Reason: Xray
    Staff who Banned: doubex1
    Length of Ban: 14 Days
    Got banned for admitting to using xray to find out what a Player's claim had when i couldnt mine a tunnel due to the claim in the way, I only use Xray for Redstone contraptions and if something goes wrong or to see how it all works. I never use xray for mining and never will. At least can i get a reduced Ban as i was honest about it.

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  2. louloubel

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    hey aussie,
    thank you for appealing. according to our rules, use of x-ray texture packs is not allowed. in rule 5 it states: NO HACKED/MODDED CLIENTS AND X-RAY PACKS.
    You will lose all ores, valuables, spawners found in dungeons, armor, etc. if caught using an exploit/texture pack/unfair way of mining. The only game modifications allowed are Optifine, shaders, and Vivecraft.
    you have admitted to using x-ray on multiple different occasions, those examples are below. whilst it may not have been for mining, it is still against our rules. we appreciate your honesty but unfortunately reject your appeal and you will have to wait out the 14 days. 2020-04-11_23.21.36.png 2020-04-11_23.25.11 (2).png aussie.png
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