August Build Competition Update

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  1. Hey!

    As some of you may know, the Event Staff team normally organise a big build competition that runs throughout August, and since August is fast approaching, we thought we should update you about our plans for this year.

    As more of you are probably aware, Safe Survival is still waiting to update to 1.17. We are waiting for several reasons, such as waiting for a stable version and stable versions of all the plugins we use. As these are not developed by us, we currently don't know when there will be stable versions of everything we need, but there will be another update when we have more information on the plan for 1.17.

    Because of this, the Event Staff team have decided to delay the build competition until the server updates to 1.17, so everyone has the fancy new blocks to play with!

    We hope you understand, hopefully the competition won't be delayed too long, we hope this will provide a better experience for everyone! We can't wait to see how the new blocks are used!

    The Event Staff team.
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    Since everyone was pinged and you all are here as a reminder, the Main IP address may not work for all, until there is a definite fix, here is the alternate
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  3. Not to argue, but I thought I would bring this up. If the August build comp were to be delayed, the team for the build comp would likely not be able to function as they normally do in August. For example if the build comp were delayed until September, many people who are still in school will be dealing with school and won't be able to dedicate as much time into the competition in comparison to August when most people have summer break. You may think that those player could just play when they get home from school, but because of time zones the team will most likely be split apart is some fashion because certain player can not work together with others because of time zones. I recommend that (maybe) if the update were to be stable a little late that we just update to it after the build competition. I believe possibly something similar happened during the 1.16 update and the August 2020 build comp. I'm sure the staff team put a lot of thought into this decision of yours, but these are just my personal thoughts.
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