Auctioning: 7 Spawners (NOT Septa)

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  1. So as some of you know I've been looking for a Penta + Spawner Range and after going from Mineshafts to Mineshafts caves to caves diamond and Diamond 500 single spawners 100 Dual spawners and 50 Triple Spawners later....
    I find a Quadruple Cave Spider Spawners all in range and I was happy...when I started to clean the spawners area I find another spawner in this case a Zombie Dungeon then when clearing that one I find another Zombie dungeon after clearing that one I find another cave Spider spawner so it ended up being 7 spawners with a few more in the Mineshaft.

    Now when I went to see wich were in range I saw that the initial quad is just Quad then the Zombie ones can be Dual but the other Cave spider spawner can also be a dual with one of the zombie spawner.

    They are in a Savanna Biome if I'm not mistaken. I believe the lowest is at y: 20 or so.

    Bid starts at: 20 DB
    Bidding: is by 5 DB (example: I bid 20 the next person has to Bid 25 and so on)

    Auction ends at 15th of November

    (I'll post the screenshots when I'm able to)
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  2. It's all dugout btw so it's easier to plan out the farms
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  4. Post screenshots please.
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  6. As asked.
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