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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MoodSwings, Apr 11, 2021.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Name: Andy(MoodSwings)
    I joined the server on 5/25/2019
    I'm from Canada, No i do not live in an igloo.
    Yes, i do say "Eh" A lot
    I have Autism so making sentences that make sense for normal people is kind of difficult.

    I love this server like many others do, this server lets me escape reality so that i can have fun with friends. I don't really know what else to say besides that, i might update it if i think of anything else
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  2. Hi Andy, how are you?
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  3. Pretty good Andy, How are you?
  4. jinnie

    jinnie Recruit

    omg swag andee
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  5. Bella

    Bella Moderator Moderator

    ay ay its the noobasaur !!
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  6. heck you nerd mod
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  7. Oml is that the one and only Jinn?
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  8. Very nice Anderton
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  9. Krabmire!
  10. Welcome to the server Andy-eh? :p
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  11. smh
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  12. Nice to meet you, Andy !
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  13. SarUK

    SarUK Recruit

    As Misschefious would say... CANADA
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  14. Lawrence, you're a good man
  15. And as i would say, UKKKKK
  16. Pbglasius

    Pbglasius Admin Admin

    Hi Andy, pleasant to make your acquaintance.
  17. con

    con Recruit

    helo eh-dy am con, noc says helo also
  18. Hey Friend
  19. It's nice to meet you too

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