An open letter regarding chat policy.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by pinenip, Jul 9, 2020.

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  1. pinenip

    pinenip Villager

    As an adult, I understand the purpose of the "G-Rated" chat policy adopted by the server admin. Clean chat is better for kids and opens the server to a wider player base. No issue there.

    The way violations of the chat guidelines are handled is simply irritating. I mention this for the benefit of the staff, not my own, though I suspect it will fall on deaf ears.

    It would make sense to me--to most people, I would think--to issue a verbal warning in cases where the offence is only of questionable severity, and especially for first time offences.

    Today's offence on my part was during a friendly conversation with a German player, while the discussion was on ancestry and spoken languages. The person said the spoke German and wrote a short greeting in German, I responded likewise, and wrote a short (nonsensical) message back using what little German I knew. The sentence was benign. Without a clue that speaking in a foreign language was prohibited on my part. And without a friendly, "hey there, you have to speak in English on this server," ABashfulBear decided our chat warranted a warning, so I'm sitting on a two day ban.

    That of course means I offended the staff three times prior. The offences? When I first joined I was greeting new players by saying "whale chum" as a sort of novel form of "welcome." It's tiring to have to explain but it's worth making an example of. Because these are benign words, used in a positive and friendly way, with no malicious intent. After bringing it up with a couple mods, the unanimous consensus was that "chum" resembles a no-no word, and so it was definitely not allowed in that context. Beg your pardon but that's the most ridiculous thing I've heard as far as chat rules go. You may as well ban the words sit, duck, fussy, or any other word that's one letter off from a banned word. Again, the warning was issued by ABashfulBear with no prior verbal warning.

    The second offence was the first time I used an abbreviation that normally has a swear word in it. This I understand and did not repeat the offence, but clarification on the rule prior to issuing a warning would still have been more appropriate IMO. And the third offence was when I used the word "lemonaids" in a sentence for a purposefully lame joke, which I believe the warning was justified for in all honesty.

    My point is as follows. You want a community with clean, child-friendly dialogue, and that's all well and good. But the way you handle ambiguous instances of chat violations, is annoying to a point that I felt compelled to type up a short thesis about it. Because I'm fond of a lot of people who play here but I'm not interested in triple checking every sentence I write in-case I tread into "PG" waters, or say a foreign word trying to bond with someone new, or use any word that slightly resembles a bad word, even if the context is sterile. That isn't to say I'm perfect--I'm not--but neither is the judgement of your moderators, nor is the procedure for handling mishaps. It needs improvement.

    Take it or leave it, that's my $0.02.

    Whale chum.
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  2. Can't say I've heard the whole story or I've heard both perspectives, but if you truly are describing all the circumstances but I do agree with many of the aforementioned comments. That being said, I do believe this post is coming across less as a suggestion and more as a personal ban appeal - I would either suggest making a ban appeal (if you desire to have your ban reviewed) or remove names and perhaps be more broad in the instances you wish to address as they seem to be more-so personal grievances.
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  3. pinenip

    pinenip Villager

    That's fair. There are multiple perspectives to consider here and all I can do is present my own. I'm not interested in getting the ban lifted, let the timer run out, it's not a huge deal. The purpose is to present the thinking behind someone who would otherwise silently leave the server for the consideration of the staff. Because if I think the moderation style of certain staff members is not worth dealing with, then I'm not the first. Traffic and player base numbers improve when things like this improves from my experience.
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  4. doubex1

    doubex1 Moderator Moderator

    As a mod team we log or attempt to log all verbal warnings we give to players. We do apply verbal warnings to first time players but often find it not as useful as the actual warn command. I will pass it on to the moderation team about using the verbal warnings more frequently for newer players. Granted once anyone passes a month on the server it is very much expected to basically know and understand the rules, or have had verbal warnings in the past. This isn't the case for you since you've only been on for 2 weeks.
    I would say if you wanted to appeal for a future ban(as you have stated you will wait out the 2 day ban) i suggest doing so in the appeals section of the forums.
    Thank you for the suggestion.
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  5. Amrou Kithkin

    Amrou Kithkin The Dread Pirate Moderator

    We do not force you to read our rules but it is strongly suggested that you do so to prevent this in the future. The Server Information forum is found under News & Announcements, I have provided a link.

    I hope that all new players will read the rules so that bans like these do not need to happen in the future.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
  6. This is ridiculous- first of all- a warn for the words "Whale Chum" is ridiculous.
    Second of all- Bear should not have done that. I think she should have spoken with him before giving him a 60 day warn and caused pinenp (who was simply joking around with him) to get a ban.
    I think the rules are being stretched here.
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  7. RileyFS

    RileyFS Veteran

    i think we should let the mods do what they know how, and if you feel something is wrong or unfair, to message a staff member with your concern.
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  8. To prevent people swearing there should be a plugin which blocks your message if it has a swear word. With a certain plugin you can add banned words in the config.yml file which is like 1 letter off from a banned word.

    Just my opinion
  9. RileyFS

    RileyFS Veteran

    The server does have that, ben. it has a filter for alot of words, a few server names, sensitive topics/phrases. Thing is, its easy to get around it.
  10. I do feel like the staff need to be less strict, in some cases. I've been involved in something where only I got a punishment and the other person got off scott-free (they were an ex mod, if that has something to do with it)
    I feel like the staff are very hesitant to give "second chances".

    About the language thing, I'm pretty sure you can use other languages in DMs. They want you to keep it out of public chat so it doesn't annoy/distract other players and because most of the players can speak English, which is a pretty universal language.

    For the filter, there are flaws in that. Some words have an "inappropriate" word inside of it, and saying it activates the filter and you won't be able to say the word. I've seen that happen on Discord servers, so I imagine it could happen on Minecraft too?
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  11. RileyFS

    RileyFS Veteran

    I mean, i see what you mean, and I understand what you mean, but most of the time, its not the individual staff its the guidelines they are told to follow, and we don't really have a say in it. If enough people had an outcry about a rule that is too strict, action may be taken to better that rule, but ultimately we just have to let it be.
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  12. You're saying that we shouldn't suggest rule changes? I disagree.
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  13. RileyFS

    RileyFS Veteran

    i never said that. if people have a suggestion for a rule, totally go for it and tell staff. but dont blame the staff as they dont make the rules they need to follow. those rules have been shaped throughout the servers life.
  14. Why did you rate my post funny-
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  15. ABashfulbear

    ABashfulbear Moderator Moderator


    I didn't respond to this thread originally because of the great responses from other staff members. However, since this thread has become active again I shall provide the full story.

    A little context to this, you and another player had a conversation in German, so I (and indeed several players) stated in chat that English only is allowed and that if you wanted to have a discussion in German, private messages was the place to have it. You choose to ignore this and continue, hence you were warned. You were given the chance to stop and decided not to.

    The reason you were warned is that you previously greeted new players with a phrase very similar to "whale chum" only missing one letter. Which you were warned about. It is for that reason that myself and another moderator agreed you should be warned. You were made aware of our rules prior to that event by several moderators.

    I can assure you, we do not treat former staff members differently to anyone else. All players are treated equally, no matter if they have been staff or have donated to the server, we treat everyone the same.

    I am locking this thread now as it has served its purpose and is getting off topic.
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