Amrou's 3rd Annual Christmas Drop Party

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    Merry Christmas! Has it really been 3 years? Wow!

    I am going to be doing 2 smallish drop parties (have not had the time to gather tons of stuff due to the reset, I usually save up over the year), one for those who live in the US and those who live across the Atlantic ocean. I will divide the drops as evenly as I can so each drop party will get pretty much the same things.

    The date for the Europe side of the Atlantic will be 12/22/17 at 11am central time. ALREADY RUN.

    The date for the US side of the Atlantic will be 12/22/17 at 6pm central time. (I have an appointment shortly before this, I may be a few minutes late.)

    It will be held at nether warp, straight ahead and look for the Christmas tree tower. It is red, white and green with a Christmas tree on top.

    Anyone can attend the drop parties, no matter where you live. I am just trying to allow everyone a chance to at least attend one.

    I am still accepting donations, either put them in the hopper at my shop, the Prismarine Emporium (behind the dolphin and up small hill), or contact me when I am online.

    What will be dropping?


    Horse Barding
    Enchanted books
    Coupons for ZOMBIE RANK OR Christmas Pack ($5 one)
    Coupons for Arkline's Wool Shop
    Coal blocks
    Redstone blocks
    and much more!
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  4. missed the first one hope I have time for the 2nd :)
  5. Amrou Kithkin

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    My thanks to everyone who donated, these drop parties would not have been as big as they were if you had not donated. My deepest gratitude goes to you.

    I do this for the players because I enjoy giving drop parties. I have always enjoyed drop parties even when I was a player. The excitement and joy of seeing you have fun is what motivates me to do this each year. Before I became a mod, many times I did not get anything from drop parties but the joy and excitement of just having fun with others made it worth it.

    Merry Christmas,

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  6. Thanks amrou Minimuscles and I both enjoyed it :)
  7. Amrou Kithkin

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    You are both welcome!

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