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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by UltraDragon29, Apr 6, 2021.

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  1. In my experience with Safe Survival, the moderators often will see a reference towards a different server and will either warn the player or ban them altogether for a minimum of two weeks. In my opinion I think this is a bit overkill, as often advertisements don't make major changes. For example, how many people do you think buy a product just because they saw an ad for it online? (not many)
    Having this rule in the official rules page, to me, seems as if the staff of Safe Survival don't want people to leave, which I get, as some players end up donating money. But to ban people for simply sending a message through a private discord with their friends will somehow count towards a two week ban on a server. I've said this before and I'll say it again. The staff might as well monitor all of the messages from player to play via email, the forums, etc.
    A while back, one of my friends was in a group DM with some people from Safe Survival and gave them the IP of his server. One of his friends told the staff team, and he was banned. As silly as this ban seems, it's undeniable that it happens often on this server, and should be amended.

    Ultra's proposition:

    Advertising for your server is not allowed in the
    Safe Survival Discord
    Safe Survival Forums

    Obviously new players that join immediately and spam in chat advertising for their server would be banned, as that goes against a different part of Rule #3 that I'm not speaking about.


    -UltraDragon29 (Yes, it has been a while)
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  2. SmolRin

    SmolRin Veteran

    An advertisement is an advertisement imo, it is reportable because most of the time people do not ask to be invited and would like it to remain that way.
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  3. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    I'd say honestly use common sense, instead of just straight up linking private discords, ASK FIRST.

    If you're talking to a friend ask:
    "Hey do you want to join my discord?"

    If they say no, then they don't want to join.

    If you're asking in a group chat either ask the owner of the group chat or ask the people you want to invite directly.

    Just linking invites is straight up annoying and honestly disrespectful.

    That said I don't think the rules need to be changed, if you're being respectful to others and ASKING (not linking until they say yes) only people you know/are friends with you won't get banned/reported.
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  4. I will fully respond tomorrow, but I don't think inviting someone to a server counts as disrespect... possibly if that does people should be less offended in general
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  5. Cosunde

    Cosunde Veteran

    I know you were talking about minecraft servers, but since the conversation has shifted towards discord servers we'll include that as well. Rin and Ikith have already said this, but most people don't want to be invited to minecraft servers/discord servers unless they specifically ask for it/are okay with it. I don't spam invites to the Desert Warp discord server to people who aren't involved with Desert Warp in any capacity.

    To make this very clear, it's player disrespect because you are going against the wishes of others by inviting them.

    As for people being less offended in general, if you are inviting them to another minecraft server, you are implying that you think they should spend their minecraft time somewhere other than Safe. Say you learned a piano piece, and then played it for your friend, only to have your "friend" say "Eh, I think you should have spent your time doing this instead." This is a stretch, but I hope you get the idea here. If the person genuinely expresses interest in your server and has made it clear they want to branch out a bit, that's perfectly fine. But to send invites to people who don't want them is, as Ikith said, annoying and disrespectful.
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  6. lolbenz

    lolbenz Villager

    I think ads that are in private dms outside of the safe survival server or discord shouldnt be bannable, as that is no longer a space our mods have to moderate.
    If someone is annoyes by someone via private dms, they can block that person themselves.
    But ads that take place in the safe survival spaces should of course be bannable.
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  7. The way you're approaching what I'm saying is sort of a straw man, I even said myself that the spamming should be warnable/bannable aswell, but you take it to a different level. I simply just said that if I want to share a server with a group of friends, Safe Survival has no authority to tell me not to. Safe Survival can tell me not to do it within Safe Survival, but not anywhere else.
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  8. This is also inaccurate because player disrespect would mean to do that intentionally. I'm going to clarify that this post is not about player disrespect and has little to do with it. It's where I can speak without Safe Survival limiting me.
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  9. That is a rather limited way of thinking about disrespect. One of the points you’re missing is most people don’t want invite links without being ASKED FIRST. It’s common sense as Ikith mentioned. If you asked that person first and they say no, then not sending the invite is being considerate and following their wishes to not be invited. Sending an invite without asking first means you assume that person wants to join without simply asking them first. Another point you seem to be missing is who you send invites to. If you decide not to follow common sense and send an invite right away, make sure you send it to someone who’s less likely to REPORT you. That would be friends/people who ask for invites. If you invite a random stranger or someone you don’t know well enough and they report you, that’s when you will get in trouble. That’s when mods have to step in and enforce rule #3. How does one reduce their chances of getting reported? As multiple others have already said: Ask first BEFORE sending. If you wonder whether or not this person will report you, then at the very least ASK FIRST: Also why would you want this rule changed if you don’t play anymore? Anyways, if you use common sense and ask before sending invites and only send them if they other person says yes, then you should be fine. Otherwise just don’t send invites.
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  10. I have quite a bit to say about this one.. First of all, whether or not people don't want invite links without being asked is irrelevent to the topic itself, and I'll explain why. Are you telling me that it is against the rules to send a link without asking, and isn't when you are asking? Nearly everything you've been saying is about respect, not about the initial point of my original message, which was, if you didn't notice, advertising rules. Go ahead and block them via discord if you dislike what they are doing, but don't report them to a server that you both happen to play on.

    P.S. The final question is irrelevent and will not be answered
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  11. CloverPetal

    CloverPetal Warrior Admin

    Thank you for the suggestion, all suggestions are considered by the staff team. We don't normally reply to the posts themselves, but this post seems to becoming rather heated, so this will be locked. As for the suggestion, the staff team sees no reason to change the current rules on advertising. Player poacher is something we, like many servers, take seriously. It doesn't matter how this is done, it is still player poaching, which is against our rules. This post has certainly provoked discussion, thank you for the suggestion.
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