Allow players to use the "No Chat Reports" mod if we upgrade to 1.19.1

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Falcon XL, Jun 30, 2022.

  1. I've heard about the new chat reporting future in 1.19.1 and it honestly makes me worried about the future of Minecraft as a whole, and especially this server.

    I'm worried that players could be banned from playing on Multiplayer in ANY capacity, especially this server, if they say something even remotely deemed offensive, even if it's not on this server or if the moderators of this server disagree with it.

    I've heard of the "No Chat Reports" mod. I looked it up and it prevents Microsoft from tracking down your account and banning you. I believe this mod should be the exception to the "no mods" rule in place since I believe it may be useful in the new update, and I believe players in this server should be allowed to use this mod (and other mods/clients that prevent your account from being banned) should we upgrade to 1.19.1.

    Any thoughts?

    Edit: I also think the server should use plugins that serve the same function should we upgrade, if the moderators choose to uphold the "no mods" rule as it is. I looked up the NoEncryption plugin, but it's on Spigot and I don't know if this server uses Spigot.
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  2. lolbenz

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    I mean, we do have a PG serverchat, so i didnt think it would affect us, i guess you just gotta know how you write to whom in pms.
  3. Yeah, but players could say something on another server that Microsoft deems offensive and be banned. Having these mods would prevent players who play on other servers besides this one from having their chats reported.
  4. doubex1

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    Players shouldn't be acting that way in any server, so if they get banned for a severe chat or interaction that's better for the community. Also they had talked about these reports I believe almost a year ago, not new news just recently implemented.
    Here is more info on the reporting tool since there seems to be a lot of misinformation going around as to what will happen.
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  5. i agree that we shouldnt allow player reportig in the server
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  6. Cosunde

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    I mean... Microsoft banned a guy for a week for saying villagers were like slaves... which is a joke I've seen used quite a few times around here. So yeah, I would prefer for any server issues to be dealt with by server staff over some randoms at Microsoft, which means that if people want to use the mod, I think they should be given the option, if anything.
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  7. I agree with this. Even if a player does abide by the chat rules, some random player could report a chat and the player could be banned as a result. I would rather have chat issues be dealt with by the server moderators than Microsoft.
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  8. Kelpy

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    The only issue I see with this is that in order to actually disable chat reports, the server would need to either have a plugin that breaks them, OR turn into KCauldron or something of the sorts, and install the no chat report mod serverside, which would force all users to use it. That'll take time though, and might turn players away.
  9. There's Client side mods that do that too. However everyone would have to be on board to do it. Honestly this server has to make a tough decision regarding this since we are in the grey area of things where we aren't too unfriendly but is also PG.
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  10. I think simply allowing players to use these client side mods would give them a choice of whether they choose to use them or not. Also, why not allow both client-side mods AND use a serverside plugin?