Adventuremap: Moonfair Village

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    Adventuremap: Moonfair Village
    Release: Monday 16th of December 10-11pm CET / 4-5pm EST .. ish

    It's the #middecember update that we've all been waiting for.

    So what is an Adventuremap? It is a warp that is here to stay. It is a place where players can explore places, engage in villager quests, timed events, hunt mobs for custom trading goods and more! Moonfair Village is the first of hopefully many more to come.

    The warp will be dedicated to Christmas on release with Christmas specific items to gather, quests and activities to complete! The Christmas Token makes its return during this time. These are obtained through exploring Moonfair Village and the area/mountains around, killing mobs, opening presents that fall off the train, finding hidden villagers, completing the iceboat parkour, the maze and normal parkour in Sir Claus' Manor and completing quests specifically tied to Christmas. You can then spend the Christmas Tokens at your local Token Exchange villager. All this will be active for about 3 weeks and will not be obtainable after 5th of January (subject to change).

    Villager Quests
    Introducing: Villager Quest system. The warp uses custom villagers that doesn't have any trades but instead offer something else.. something unique.. A voice! Right clicking a villager in Moonfair Village can start a dialog. Villagers that can start a quest are indicated with a floating gold block above them. Once a dialog opens you can click one of the options at the bottom of the dialog indicated with a " > ". Gray colored options are flavor dialog that offer short stories and colored options are for quests. Golden colored options are quests you can only do once while blue colored options are quests that are repeatable.

    What's there to come?
    The Christmas content will make you familiarize yourself with the terrain, where all the mobs are, where are all caves lead to, etc. But it doesn't stop there! While Christmas content is active the overall story of Moonfair Village will unfold as well in stages. There will also be automated mini events on a random hourly timer to participate in, in a later stage. These stages will be added to the server once they are done coding wise. What these stages specifically are will remain a surprise so you'll have to pay close attention to the story to solve all the mysteries and collect all the items required to advance yourself throughout the story. Because.. Moonfair Village is a place out of a dream. Yet things appear not, what they seem.

    Closing words
    Although most of the systems are tested (and there are a lot of them!), there might still be bugs. If you do encounter them please shoot me a message on discord.

    Brought to you by Nekkid
    Massive thanks to Kiewoo & Rougar
    Other mentions: Jaffasaurus & Cloverpetal
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