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  1. Essentials has a permission node for a 'bed' sethome that I think would be a nice addition to the server.

    the nodes are:
    - 'essentials.home.bed'
    - 'essentials.sethome.bed' (honestly not sure what this one does because it seems to work with or without it, but it exists!)

    Its essentially a spare home that gets automatically set when you "update" your respawn point using a bed.

    You can't override it with another sethome location, its just always your vanilla respawn location. If the bed is broken or blocked it will also error when you try teleport back to it. So its not just an additional sethome.

    I see a lot of newer players lose their homes because they weren't aware of sethome and/or die and expect to respawn in their beds, but instead get thrown back to spawn. This wouldn't eliminate that but it could help prevent at least afew people losing their homes in the future while also giving those of us without unlimited sethomes extra utility to get around.

    As has been mentioned in the discussion below, beds also say "Respawn location set" when right clicked and the default vanilla functionality is overridden by essentials. Theres no way for newer players to know this even if they read the books, the extended rules and FAQs.

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  2. I have always found it quite odd that we respawn at spawn when we die and not our beds or the last bed we slept in. I think this would be beneficial.
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  3. its their own fault if they don't set a home, whenever you first join the server you're given two books, if you read the books you will know to set your home. this is why i have asked for something to block them from moving until they fully read the books so that this doesn't happen.
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  4. There is an option to change the respawn point to, I've always assumed its altered for a reason ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I'm a bit confused - is that meant to be an argument against doing this? if people mess up are we not meant to help them out or add any preventative measures at all?
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  5. what im saying is that this shouldnt need to be added if people would just read the dang books that they are given when they spawn in.
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  6. mmm, I suppose. Beds still say "Repawn Point set" when you right click them, and the vanilla functionality is to respawn next to it. So thats kinda what you'd expect to happen to
  7. And you're wrong.

    Because neither of the books mentions respawn points at all, or beds.

    They don't say anything about not respawning at your last-used bed or the importance of using /sethome to save your place because bedhomes don't work here.
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    I kinda like that people respawn at spawn, so i know where to find them if i want to mock em :D

    If it would keep some players from ragequiting im for it.
  9. Page 7 of the server handbook tells us all available commands. if they read the book they'd know to set their home
  10. Sure page 7 mentions the existence of the /sethome command. But having sethomes available doesn't automatically mean that beds don't set your respawn point anymore, which appears to be what you're claiming.

    And no, I'm saying that the mere fact that the books mention the existence of /sethome as a command does not make it "their own fault" if they don't set a home. Nowhere is it specified that beds don't affect the respawn point. Nowhere is there any actual explanation of the commands listed in the book, so even if someone knows what /sethome does, they might reasonably assume that this lets you set teleport anchors in addition to to bed-managed respawn points.

    Not to mention the fact that when you use a bed, you still get the "Respawn point set" message...
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  11. i understand what you're saying about the "Respawn point set" message, but what i'm trying to say is if they would just set a home they wouldn't have anything to worry about
  12. Ok, but what you did say was that simply reading the books should have provided any new player with sufficient information as to know that beds don't actually change your respawn point despite telling you that they do, and that therefore anyone who loses their place because they relied on a vanilla game mechanic that they had no reason to believe had been overridden has nobody but themselves to blame.
  13. I've updated the main post to mention that the vanilla functionality is overridden and that there is no way for a new player to know that.

    @Caspian7152 @MoodSwings
    Thank u for the discussion, I think we should at atleast have something about the bed/respawn location somewhere, maybe the FAQ or something.

    But I'd appreciate if it didn't continue as I think both sides/points have been heard and it's becoming more of an argument.
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    I may be wrong but I think I was told once that the reason you can set your respawn point to a bed is due to lag? Hundreds of people setting hundreds of respawn points equals more lag for players to deal with.
  15. I'm not sure I follow that argument. The respawn point gets set when you use a bed, this is a vanilla mechanic. The fact that the respawn point gets overridden doesn't change that it's getting set.

    Also, people die, reappear at Spawn and then immediately go back to their /home, how much lag does this save us against people who would die and then reappear back at their bed?
  16. Probably just a random excuse, I highly doubt this would cause lag since that would mean that sethomes would cause a lot of lag, as several people have over 100 sethomes.