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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by JBone9973, Jan 6, 2020.

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    Hey everyone, my in-game name is Jbone9973, however for the most part I go by John. I'm coming back to Safe after nearly 2 years of not playing the game, but I've played on this server off and on since 2015. It's always fun to see how the community grows and changes, and since it seems like over the past few days as best I can tell not many are left who knew me, I figured it would be worth re-introducing myself.

    I started out on this server building large scale projects, cathedrals, towns, boats, etc. For a while I was staff on the server and had alot of fun doing that alongside my builds. I wound up leaving staff due to time constraints, but my love for big projects has remained undiminished. I've occasionally dabbled in maparts, or building for payment, but for the most part my enjoyment playing this game comes from making things and then showing them to others! If you're ever out near the world border you might just run into one of my builds, if so and I'm online be sure to hit me up and I'll come over and show you around.

    Since it's a new year I decided to try and turn over a new leaf and return to playing Minecraft again. Hopefully I can get to know all of the current community as well as I used to know the old one, and make some more friends along the way
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  2. Good to have u back :)
  3. That’s the same reason I play.

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