3 Event Announcements, Oh My!

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    Hello all! We have some event news coming up, and figured it's easier to just throw it all into a 3-in-1 post! Let's go over it all now:

    1: Ender Dragon Respawn
    Ender Dragon fights will be coming back once more! They'll be the first Saturday of every month! First one will be June 6th @ 12pm EDT. We hope to see everyone there!

    2: New Head Hunt/Treasure Hunt Arena
    We have a new arena for Head Hunts and Treasure Hunts! So TH will be back in the works very very soon! We also plan to eventually have some new arenas to offer a nice variety and keep things fresh. They'll take some time though. We don't wanna swamp it with new ones immediately, that way the arenas are at top quality! Here's a little teaser of the first arena! HeadHuntTeaser.png

    3: The First Connect Four Tournament Match
    Now that things have finally calmed down for me, I'm going to be starting the first tournament of the originally planned Connect Four Tournaments! We're currently looking at it being on the 13th, starting around roughly 7pm EDT. Currently, sign ups are on hold as I still have the orginal roster list. I'll be contacting everyone from the list for that time frame to ensure they still want to play. And after the first one is scheduled and ready, I'll be looking at setting up the next one. This first one WILL be happening that day. I'm set on doing it for everyone. And anyone is able to spectate! The rules and prize are still the same as the original post as well. See here: https://www.safesurvival.net/threads/connect-four-tournament.3520/
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    1: :D
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    Ty for the updates Necro :D
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  3. Sounds awesome, thank you Necro! :]
  4. Very cool. Looking forward to playing Headhunt and Treasure Hunt there!
  5. Dang... I'll be at work during the event :(

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