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  1. So I noticed when placing a chest you can only place 20 chests in a chunk. 20 chests is way too low. Some people think it's fine, but most people on the server have way more than 20 chests in a chunk. I know it's because of chunk issues and lag but I think it should be raised. I may edit this post from time to time and you are free to mention why 20 is an ok amount but I feel like it is a way too low amount. For people with small claims, they won't be able to place a chest ever again. For people with big claims, they would need to keep extending their base all the time and they would need to extend it by loads just to place 20 more chests. I feel like this is a big issue for most players. Also this limit breaks the majority of shops and malls like Mega Market, Desert Warp, Swamp Warp Mall, Island Warp Mall, Winterworks, Snowfall mall and others.

    Check the attached file for the logs of the players discussing this limit.


    P.S. sorry if i sounded rude it's just an annoying filter

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  2. Cosunde

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    If the limit was doubled to 40-50, I think most players would be fine. However, 20 chests per chunk isn't enough; most people's storages usually have more than 20 chests per chunk. It would have also been nice if you have notified us about this instead of just leaving us to find out for ourselves.
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  3. Cosunde

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    Apparently there's an item frame limit of 15 per chunk and a hopper limit of 10 per chunk. You can't even build shops with those types of limits at this point.
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  4. Limit of 10 observers too
    Also Crange said he may quit if nothing is done about this
  5. Yeah it is worse than just chests. 15 item frames, 10 hoppers, 10 observers, 10 pistons and that is all I have found so far. This is basically the death of all item sorters, super smelters, and redstone shops
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  6. andy

    andy Villager

    This completely destroyed the shop I spent lots of time working on :(
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  7. Lemonite

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    Yes, I definitely agree, the way that it's set out with a limit of 20 chests per chunk means 10 dubs per chunk, many people have huge plans for their base and this new limit is just ruining lots of storage systems, shops and more. Super smelters one of the most useful things we use wouldn't work with this new rule. Many players can't even decorate their bases or things like that with item frames,, the limit should at least increase to 40 chests, 25 hoppers, 20 observers and 25 pistons and 30 item frames (something more like that). Or otherwise limits should be completely removed. imo, the server was doing just fine before but if there are limits, those are just my suggested ones.
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  8. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    Due to the massive amounts of entities on the server, we had to implement some sort of limit. We have 50k tile entities for ~50 players sometimes, with 10k-20k other entities on top of that. These are not permanent limits, our intention is to dissuade players from buildings unnecessarily large redstone machines / sorters / etc. Our intention is not to interfere with shops, and will adjust it fairly for everyone :] updates will be posted about this. We've already increased the chest limit and are working on logical numbers for all of them.
  9. honestly if they are trying to decrease lag, maybe they should put some sort of limit cool down on porting to set homes? idk if that would cause lag or anything but its just a thought i have? :thonk:
  10. As long as it’s not for ages, and limits are being increased, I’m alright about it I guess
  11. Crange

    Crange Recruit

    I'm really not sure what the plan is here, but I don't think this is the best way to go about the lag issue. A forums post similar to "Hey, there's a bit of an issue with lag on the server. Try to reduce the amount of chests / hoppers / other redstone blocks used in builds to help reduce lag, or else a hard limit will have to be imposed." would have been quite nice and might have helped with the issue.
    Could a reasonable alternative be provided to people who need to store large amounts of items be provided, along with these new limits?
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  12. Shaz can we get a list of all the items that now have limits?
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  13. just 2 cents from my experience...
    i run pure vanilla, lowest settings because my dsl is barely better than dialup.
    Of all the times ive had lag the worst has been while going through MASSIVE farms (crops & mobs alike) & complex redstone areas.
    places filled with chests & hoppers has never been an issue, neither has areas filled with item frames.
    the most tps lagging areas i know of are large mob farms & large stacked crop farms.
    these are easily limitable instead of the entity limiting which rarely causes the heavy lag like the farms.

    also just fyi, communication on staffs part, even just a quick post e.g. 'temporary limit on chests etc...' could have prevented alot of the stress & heavy reaction from people discovering this on their own the hard way.
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  14. Enmos

    Enmos Recruit

    Considering the massive amounts of entities, i urge staff to go take a look in coral biomes. The amount of fish and squid that spawn is off the charts!
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  15. Ryvered

    Ryvered Villager

    Alongside the limit on chests, I'd like to question the limit on item frames. Many players use item frames within their chest storage to denote what blocks are stored where. While I understand signs can also be used, they are much less popular.
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  16. I just want to point out that the current hopper limit is still quite low, and makes a lot of (reasonable) shop designs extremely difficult to pull off properly. The limits, as they are, will only encourage LARGER redstone builds, not smaller.
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  17. I live in the ocean and it's okay for a minute then about 100 or so fish spawn around the area and it makes it laggy, lots of entities
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  18. Chiz

    Chiz Villager

    The current limits as I've found them, for any players curious:
    • Chests: 300 (This is single chests, so 150 dubs)
    • Hoppers: 40
    • Item Frames: 40
    • Pistons & Sticky Pistons: 20 each (So 40 in total, divided equally)
    I haven't yet found a limit to droppers, dispensers, or redstone torches. I haven't investigated any other type of block.

    Concerning hoppers, it's well-documented that they generate less server load if they're placed under an inventory-containing block (chest, furnace, another hopper, etc.). Perhaps there's a way of counting hoppers differently based on whether they're scanning for loose items vs. pulling from an inventory, and encouraging large numbers of hoppers to be covered appropriately.

    I am worried though, that by limiting things like hoppers and pistons, that it would start encouraging substantially less efficient and potentially more taxing redstone builds that sprawl for several chunks instead of being contained to a small area. Consider autosorters that replace some of the hoppers with a water slide - now there are a glut of item entities instead of a handful of tile entities for the same result.

    I'm also concerned that some of these actions are being taken to fix client-side limitations as opposed to server-side limitations. I don't think it's fair that everyone might become beholden to the player with the weakest computer because they can't enter certain players' bases without running out of system resources. I have noticed that some public complaints regarding lag make no distinction between issues for which the administration is responsible and for which the player themselves are responsible, and I'm hoping there'll be more communication in the future as to specifically how bad the situation is from a server-side perspective and what we can do beyond a vague "please do less".
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  19. Heyo Shaz, Id like to throw in my 2 cents. Id recommend asking people to find any loose chests, big redstone machines that have no use. This includes trash chests, meme redstone, etc. I feel this would greatly reduce lag and also still encourage players to be creative, which Minecraft is all about. It would still allow players to build their own redstone contraptions, storage areas, and more. Im not telling you how to do your job. I am merely suggesting a more positive outlook.

    Side note: rip my storage system i guess lol
  20. Also I did the math and if theres a limit of 10 observers per chunk, and each shop has about 7, you cant fit 2 in one chunk. This completely ruins big malls.

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