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  1. The 100 block rule does not allow players to claim within 100 blocks of each other without permission from the other player. To me that sounds relatively straightforward until you head in the Nether. Many players use the Nether to travel long distances in the Overworld and thus build highways all over the Nether to travel to places. A lot of players, myself included, claim those highways to prevent them from being griefed, which leads me to my point.

    Should the 100 block rule apply to the Nether highways? I can imagine several problems that would arise if the 100 block rule applied to the nether regardless of the circumstances.

    For example, suppose a player wants to build a highway via the Nether to connect two portals and decides to claim it, but in the process the player accidentally runs into another nether highway and has to cross it. What does the player do? Go around the highway? You can't exactly just go around a highway that most likely stretches for hundreds or even thousands of blocks in the Nether. What other option does the player have than cross the existing highway? You won't believe how much highways and paths there are in the Nether.

    I think there should be an exception to the 100 block rule for building nether highways. I imagine how such a system would work is if a mod is notified that a certain claim in the Nether is a Nether highway and thus exempt that claim from the 100 block rule. If a player tries to abuse that system to claim and build something that is not a nether highway then a mod can refuse to exempt that claim from the 100 block claim rule. I think it would certainly help players building highways in the Nether.
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    From my experience building and repairing nether highways over the past year or so, I can tell you that many players are willing to work with you in regards to claims and highway claims. I've come across countless claims working on highways last map, and most, if not all claim owners were willing to help me out with these issues. I would recommend talking to the claim owners to see if they have an issue with your highway being close to their claim, and it can be worked out between you two.
  3. What if the claim owner is never online? My base is about 4k blocks of spawn and I've come across about 30 claims while flying with elytra. No joke. When I click the claims with a stick apparently they belong to players who I have never heard of. If this goes on in the overworld then i'm sure it goes on in the nether too. It would be impractical to wait many days for the other person to go online imo.
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    If the claim owner is never on, I would ask for a claimcheck then see what comes out of that. And if the player just comes on to refresh their claims, they probably wouldn't mind having a highway pass next to them.
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    If a player is not online when you are and you have exhausted other means of contact (discord, signs on the border of the claim, forum post) you can write a book and ask a mod to place it in their inventory.
  6. Do signs on the edge of a claim not violate the 100 claim block rule if they only intend to ask the player something?
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    I think as long as they are respectful and not a form of harassment they are ok. Placing signs after the owner has told you no would be harassment. Placing more than 1 or 2 would be pushing it as it will not take more than that to ask them a question. Also, if they do not answer don’t take that as a yes. No answer means no, no means no, maybe means no, and only yes means yes.
  8. Definitely agree that the 100 block rule in the nether should be changed. One stubborn claim owner can completely ruin a nether tunnel, or someone inactive can delay it for months. It's hard enough to build tunnels without encountering other people's claims directly but not going within 100 blocks of one is impossible. I didn't even think that the 100 block rule applied in the nether; in the past I've just ignored it when I build nether tunnels.
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