10 Year Anniversary this May!

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by TheMCShocker, Mar 25, 2019.

Are you excited for a possible 10 year anniversary update?

  1. Yes!

  2. Not really.

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  1. Hey guys! Did you know coming this May, it will be Minecraft’s 10 year anniversary!? Well it is!!
    And are you excited for it???

    I’m not 100% sure there will be a 10 year anniversary update. Just a prediction. So don’t give your hopes up just yet.
    I’m not trying to give hopes up. Let’s just wait and see.
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  2. I'm excited! I think I've been playing minecraft for five years... WOW! That's half as long as it's been out!
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  3. I've been playing MC for at least 6-7 years. Haven't really kept track so I'm not sure.
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  4. Wow minecraft is old.
  5. Wow. 10 years really?? I didn't think it was that long. The older I get the faster time flies by. LOL

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