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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MeganLavender, Nov 6, 2019.

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    Okay so it's an offhand item called "The Miner's Lantern" inspired by the Optifine feature that produces light even when you're just holding a torch.

    It'd have the following effects when equipped in the off-hand:
    > a haste effect
    > permanent night-vision

    And optionally, if that seems unbalanced:
    > a slight movement speed penalty

    I personally don't think it needs the penalty as the night vision bonus it provides is more a quality of life thing, so the buff would boil down to permanent haste.
    If you make that haste 1 instead of haste 2 it doesn't even eliminate the need for beacons. If you do make it haste 2 it could be a very rare item, as it allows for permanent beacon-mining.
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  2. A haste effect isn't possible because staff don't like having a repeating command block running at all times due to server lag. In order to keep a haste effect you need a repeating command block. :(
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    are you a mind reader meg?
  4. No haste just night vison. Maybe a miners cap that when worn on head it gives night vision
  5. This item would have to be a nether star or blaze rod since most blocks at produce light with the optifine light feature are placeable, also it's pretty easy to accidentally place a block in your off hand if you're mining
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  6. I think she meant so the light would come from the night vision, so people without Optifine could have 'dynamic lighting'. Which, as Thomas says, can not be done.
  7. we need functions for this, idk how much would it contribute to server lag but if it isnt laggy then we can make a lot of cool features out of this
  8. Shouldn't make any difference to the lag. Functions aren't any less laggy except if you can avoid redstone circuits.

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