1. Enelis
    Created by Enelis
    Nov 30, 2020
    Phew, the build comp signups are done! But wait, there's more!!! It's time for Secret Santa, everyone!! :D

    Those who are interested should know the following details:
    • To begin signing up, players must write the following information in a signed book:
      • Player IGN (your username)
      • Vote Rank (This can be determined...
  2. Shazepe
    Created by Shazepe
    Nov 28, 2020
  3. Enelis
    Created by Enelis
    Nov 24, 2020
    Omg, WHAT? Am I serious??? Yes, I am!!! :0

    Hello everyone!! As you all know it's almost time for the Christmas season, and we've got some interesting content planned that I really think you all will enjoy! Before the main event is released though, we wanted to add a little bit of variety this year!...