1. Lefik
    Created by Lefik
    Mar 3, 2019
    Hey everyone,

    This month we're hosting another build contest. The contest is similar in format to the previous, although with a different theme. Each build is in a 31x31 plot at the build competition warp (with fly enabled!), available for solo builders or groups of 2. To enter the build competition just contact Lefik/Nekkid and you’ll be assigned a plot. Alternatively you can place a written...
  2. Ikith
    Created by Ikith
    Feb 18, 2019
    (Notice: This does not apply to Event Staff.)

    Players of Safe Survival,
    We are currently seeking new staff members.

    Though you may have applied previously, we have cleared out the staff applications forum so we can get a better idea of who is currently interested in becoming a member of staff.

    Please remember that applying only shows you are interested in becoming a member of staff, you...
  3. Amrou Kithkin
    Created by Amrou Kithkin
    Feb 17, 2019
    Ahoy Mateys!

    Recently there seems to be a bit of confusion about how many claim checks or /seens a player can do per 24 hours. The answer is 2.

    A player may ask for:

    2 claim checks OR 2 /seen OR 1 claim check and 1 /seen

    If you ask for a third you will be told that you must wait 24 hours. It does not matter if...