1. Knoot
    Created by Knoot
    Feb 12, 2018
    Hello, mates!

    To celebrate Chinese New Years, I'll be hosting 3 Ender Dragon respawns on Friday, 16th!

    As per usual, you will have 5 minutes to collect as much Dragon's Breath as possible before I start breaking the End Crystals, one by one, every 30 seconds.

    The mighty beast will be spawned in at the following times (equivalent):

    EST: 6PM, 8PM and 10PM.
    CST: 5PM, 7PM and...
  2. Cheli
    Created by Cheli
    Feb 7, 2018
    Valentines Day is almost here. One day of the year when we get to pretend a flying fairy shoots arrows at our butts to make red hearts appear in our eyes and fall smitten for whoever you happen to gaze upon. Silly right? But what other images make you think of valentines? Here’s your chance to paint a picture (literally) of valentine-y things for everyone to see....
  3. Shazepe
    Created by Shazepe
    Dec 27, 2017
    Hi everyone,

    This is just a poll to see how many players would like / be against changing the voting requirements for ranks if we add more voting websites for the vote ranks (from the current optional vote sites).

    Right now I'd like to add at least 2 of the optional voting sites to the rewards. So what would happen is the vote requirements for ranks would go up, possibly up to 3x what it is...