1. Pbglasius
    Created by Pbglasius
    Mar 24, 2021
    Someone finally decided to show up at spawn O.O

    Can be found at
  2. Enelis
    Created by Enelis
    Mar 11, 2021
    Hey there everyone!

    Event staff has been discussing the idea of creating more of a set schedule for hosting (as well as making that schedule public to players), and we think we’ve finally figured out a good one! We also have a few extra changes and updates too!

    First of all, the new schedule will be starting next Tuesday, which is March 16th. Keep in mind that this is after the US...
  3. ABashfulbear
    Created by ABashfulbear
    Mar 2, 2021

    as the new redstone rules are now in force and several warnings have been handed out, we thought it would be useful to explain how we will be handling any builds which breach these rules.

    When we notice a build which does not comply with the rules, the owner will receive a warning and five days to modify their build to meet the rules.

    If they fail to do so within five days, they will...