1. SkyFlower
    Created by SkyFlower
    Sep 26, 2023
    Hey everyone! Here is more information on the upcoming Spleef and PVP Tournaments and sign-ups!

    The Spleef Tournament will occur on Saturday, February 24th at 12 PM Eastern.
    Sign-ups will be until Friday, February 23rd at 11:59 PM Eastern. If you would like to sign-up please post your name below as well as your intention to be in the Spleef Tournament. For sign-ups they will...
  2. Shazepe
    Created by Shazepe
    Jul 29, 2023
    It's time to update to 1.20.1! Safe Survival will be closing at around 12-1PM tomorrow to prepare to open for the update. The server will re-open at 5PM EST.

    After the server re-opens, the new worldborder will be 34,000 blocks!

    The end and nether will expand to 12,000 blocks next Sunday at 5 PM EST
  3. Necroxin
    Created by Necroxin
    Jul 3, 2023
    Hello everyone! We’ve moved Team Build Comp to July now so those that are in school/college can have a bit of an easier time participating!
    This build comp will also have fly for teams when building inside their regions!

    EDIT: Due to some delays in releasing the teams, the schedule has been updated to ensure that the two day delay doesn't cut into...