1. Blah
    Created by Blah
    Oct 31, 2021

    Halloween Warp 2021: Grimwood Mansion
    It's that time of year again... Spooky season! The event staff, and mod team is proud to present this year's Halloween story, Grimwood Mansion. A tale of heartbreak and sorrow, a tale of...
  2. Necroxin
    Created by Necroxin
    Oct 21, 2021
    Hello again, everyone! As I'm pretty sure most of you have noticed, our Event Staff numbers are currently pretty low. Which not only affects the holiday warps that are built, but the times and frequency of events being hosted. So having it so low is a bit of a bummer for all of us. So we're looking to reopen the application process and bring a few people into the fold! If you'd like to apply,...
  3. Necroxin
    Created by Necroxin
    Oct 10, 2021
    Hello, everyone! We have some event changes going on and wanted to inform everyone on what's going on. Due to Event Staff numbers dwindling as of late, we're temporarily taking off Sunday from the event schedule to make things a touch easier. With Sunday having the only time for Obstacle Course though, we're now going to be setting Tuesday to alternate between Head Hunt and Obstacle Course for...