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  1. I guess I'll be the first to say it.

    Please upgrade the server with more server power. I understand that 1.14 causes a lot more bugs than previous versions of MC but many 1.14 servers are running perfectly fine and have similar player bases. If it's not upgraded we are going to lose players fast.

    This need to be done soon, server is constantly crashing and people are either losing items or getting duped items.
  2. Amrou Kithkin

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    It may not be the lack of "server power" causing it to crash. It could be plugins causing it to crash. Schaum is troubleshooting the server and it takes time to do so, please be patient.
  3. When there is only a few players on, the server runs okay so that tells me it's not plugins causing the lag. Anyways I hope this can be fixed soon.
  4. Im ok giving it 3 days or so to settle down and load all the chunks or whatever it does. But I have to agree this cant be JUST the fact its 1.14. I will need to see the server logs/performance metrics to beleive its not the server. I was able to find 6 month old posts stating 1.14 was causing massive lag but nothing since, so I am not even sure thats an issuse still at all with 1.14.4

    Edit: Looking into it even futher it appears it might be an issue with the server using a HDD instead of SSD. And/or possibly entities going above 3000.
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