*FREE* Public Squid Farm

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    With the release of build comp. items I am happy to finally announce that the

    Directions to get there:

    It's directly behind the Elytra Boost, and slightly to the left. Look for the Quartz Pillars in the water! Then, go down the latter on the wooden platform!

    1.) Take Turns when there's multiple people
    2.) Don't steal other people's drops
    3.) This is a Non-profit setup, for personal use/builds only.

    *If people do continually steal/grief other players, I will change the setup to trust specific players.* (It'll still be public, you'd need to just ask for permission if this happened)

    Special Thanks
    Seagull for the Squid Egg!
    Robbie for the Spawner!

    As always have fun! If you have a squid egg and would like to make this a dub spawner, lmk! :]

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    1.jpg 3.jpg
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    Special Thanks
    ZaiMatCat for another Squid Egg! Making this a Double Public Squid Spawner!
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