2019's Event Staff Application

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  1. IGN: 2019
    Age: 21
    Timezone: Australian Eastern Standard Time

    Are there any specific ways you'd like to help?
    By help building events, such as mini games or theme'd warps for safe survival players to enjoy and love. I want players to not feel bored and have something enjoyable

    What regarding events do you think could be improved upon?
    Event Warps activities A lot of effort can be put into creating these warps but don't last long due to short activities

    Do you have any ideas for a game/event?
    I have many ideas but I personally would love to see special villager be hidden around spawn each month with unique items. I personally love this idea not due to the unique items but during the easter event, players helped and engaged with each other to help find the Easter heads. I personally think this idea would bring back those same vibes.

    Are you interested in helping with redstone or command blocks?
    Yes for sure. I have moderate knowledge with redstone but don't have any experience with command blocks. I am very fascinated with custom commands and personally would love to be taught how use command blocks to gain experience and use them to help with the server.

    Would you be interested in helping with the creation of warps/events?
    Absolutely, I would be happy too. Building or creating items, you name it!

    Side Note: I know I'm not a good person to some people on the server and can cause unnecessary drama which I am sorry for but I can try make up for it. I'm personally applying for event staff not for myself but too try make other players time feel more enjoyable on the server and show I can be a different person.
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